100% Open Source Full Stack Cluster Management with Qlustar

15:00 bis 15:50 in Raum V1 (F119)

Roland Fehrenbacher


Setting up and operating HPC, AI or storage clusters remains a
challenge. Individual software packages are freely available for many
areas, however an integrated open-source solution covering all aspects
of cluster management is needed to handle the ever growing complexity.
As a mature Cluster OS, Qlustar fills this gap. It includes scalable
boot/image technology coupled with powerful management software to
allow precise configuration of cluster components as well as their
efficient operation.

This presentation will give an introductory overview of Qlustar and
its use cases. Special focus is put on the new dramatically
simplified Qlustar HA stack that allows to set up highly-available
clusters with much less effort than traditional solutions.

Über mich

Roland is the founder and CEO of Q-Leap Networks. He created the
Qlustar Cluster OS in 2012 and is the main driving force behind its
development. Based on Qlustar, he designs and implements HPC, AI and
storage clusters for Q-Leap customers. Some of his spare time, he spends on
contributions to the Debian HPC and DebianMed projects in his role as
an active Debian developer.